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Maintenance Update 3/28

2024-03-29 05:42:00

Dear players:
We will release an update on Mar. 28, 2024, during which time the game can still be played normally. Here's what you can look forward to (check out more details in the Event Calendar):

New Season (Apr. 5, 2024 - Jul. 5, 2024):
On Apr. 5, 2024, the new Infinite Legends Season will begin and the Chase Pass Daily and Weekly Quests will be refreshed.
Once the new Season begins, any Chase Tokens you saved during the Flower Fairy Season will be cleared and the shelves will be stocked with new Season Rewards. Please remember to claim your Flower Fairy Season Rewards in time, and use up your remaining Chase Tokens at the Exchange Shop.
The main rewards on the Plain Shelf are:
Lv 30: B-class Skin, Mouseketeer Tuffy's  Sword of Valor;
Lv 60: B-class Skin, Robin Hood Jerry Wind Warrior;
Lv 100: S-class Season Perk Cards Reward Pack.
The main rewards on the Golden Shelf are:
After activation, immediately receive the S-class  Infinite Legends Frames and the A-class Skin, Immediately obtain Musketeer Mouseketeer Jerry's  Lightblade Knight;
Lv 30: A-class Skin, Guardsman's Superpowered Chariot;
Lv 60: Seasonal A-class Perk Card Choice Pack;
Lv 80: Seasonal S-class Perk Card Choice Pack;
Lv 100: S-class Skin, Guard Tom's Infinite Legends.

New Content:
King Jerry Star on Stage,Guard Tom's Infinite Legends,Mouseketeer Jerry's  Lightblade Knight,Guardsman's Superpowered Chariot.

New Events:
Special Challenge Quests,Season Boost Challenge,Shop Release: April Fool's Day Series Skins,Star Discount Shop,Total Top-up,Shop Release: Star Discount Boxes,Shop Release: Sakura and Sword Series Skins,Magic Mirror: King Jerry Star on Stage,Cherry Blossom Festival Gift,Golden Wheel Update,Chase Pass Special Challenge,Chase Pass Power-Up,Chase Pass Super Saver Shop,Rewards for Upgrading Chase Pass,Post Office Sale,Daily Top-up,Workshop of Dreams: Tuffy Cooking Master,Mouseketeer Tuffy Kitchen Crusader,Chef Supreme Exciting Event,Shop Release: Mouseketeer Jerry - Five-Star Chef.


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