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Tom and Jerry: Chase Patch Note November 5th

2020-11-05 09:02:00

Dear player:
We will release a version update on 10:00 (UTC+8) Nov. 5, 2020! Here's what you can look forward to:

New Content:
1. Guard Tom Has Arrived
After the update, you can purchase the new character, Guard Tom, in the Shop. You can purchase him for 15% off during the first week (508 Diamonds).

2. Royal Commander Box (Nov. 5 - Nov. 11)
A Guard Tom Box is now available for a 25% discount. Purchase to get the new character, Guard Tom, and his A-class Skin "Royal Commander".

New Events:
1. Guard Tom's Challenge (Nov. 5 - Nov. 15)
During the event, complete certain quests to claim rewards, including up to 2 Guard Tom Trial Cards (1 day), 1400 Gold, 1000 Perk Points, 100 Engagement, 100 Skin Gems, 2000 Silver, and 1 Star.

2. Double 11 Discount Store (Nov. 5 - Nov. 18)
During the event, the Double 11 Discount Store will be open in the event list for a limited time. The item list is as below:
1 Star for 750 Gold (Total purchase quota is 1)
1 Stamp for 10 Diamonds (Daily quota is 1)
400 Engagement & 200 Gold for 30 Diamonds (Daily quota is 1, total purchase quota is 7)
1200 Perk Points for 100 Diamonds (Total purchase quota is 1)
1 Character Choice Pack for 300 Diamonds (Total purchase quota is 1)
*After opening the Character Choice Pack, you can choose 1 character from Lightning, Butch, Mouseketeer Jerry, and King Jerry.

3. Double 11 Shop Discount (Nov. 11 - Nov. 22)
The event will start from next Wednesday, during which certain items will be at a 50% discount.
Discount Skins: Lightning - All-Star Starter, Topsy - AI Doctor, King Jerry - Henry I, Robin Hood Jerry - Field Trooper, Jerry - Merry Christmas
Discount Characters: Cowboy Tom, Mouseketeer Tuffy, Cowboy Jerry

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed a bug where characters' models experienced display problems in some cases.


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