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Tom and Jerry: Chase Patch Notes October 15th

2020-10-15 10:00:00



Dear Friends,
We will be performing a hot update from 9:30 to 11:00 (UTC+8) on October 15, 2020. Active games will not be interrupted during the update.

[Game Rules]

1. Changed: Wall crack spawning mechanics
The wall crack will appear 10 seconds after all wedges of Cheese have been pushed in. During these 10 seconds, the location of the crack will be displayed on the mini-map in advance, but the crack cannot be attacked, items do not spawn, and the fuses of Rockets do not burn faster.
2. New map elements: Flour Bag
The Flour Bag has been added to the map item spawn list (only spawns in Expert Course matches). Tap the Interact button to open the Flour Bag and release a flour cloud. Any character that touches the cloud gains the following bonuses for a short period: Doesn't make any sound when opening/closing doors. Doesn't appear on the mini-map. Doesn't make any nearby mice show fear or become alert in response (Cat).


1. Tuffy
— Tuffy's Goal quests and his second weapon "Cloaked Sensor Mine" are now unlocked!
2. Toodles Galore
— The duration of "Enchanting Kiss" has been increased from 25s/20s/15s to 25s/22s/20s;
— Mice affected by "Enchanting Kiss" can no longer remove its effect by entering a pepper cloud;
— At Lv 3, "Enchanting Kiss" renders mice unable to use any skill until they exit the enchanted state;
— At Lv 3, "Glamorous Perfume" no longer removes mice's ability to use items in the perfume, but still stops them from using skills in the perfume;
— When Toodles Galore touches perfume or Perfume Bottles while having Lv 1 "Beauty Perfume," she will no longer lose her shield (if she has one) and will gain a speed boost.
3. Lightning
— At Lv 2, "Relentless Pursuit's" movement speed and jump height boost can now be activated in any situation instead of only when chasing a marked mouse;
— At Lv 3, "Relentless Pursuit" protects Lightning's movement speed from dropping below its base value. This effect also doesn't require Lightning to chase a marked mouse to become active;
— Active skill "Lightning Shift" now prioritizes targets affected by Stinky Fish and can cover a significantly longer distance;
— When Lightning has a mouse in hand, his active skill "Lightning Shift" will prioritize moving to the nearest Stinky Fish (only at Lightning Shift Lv 2 and 3);
— The duration of the fish and its smell is slightly increased after Lightning uses his second weapon skill "Stinky Fish."
4. Cowboy Tom
— Mice stunned after being hit by "Bullwhip" three times can be directly picked up by Cowboy Tom.

[Perk Cards]

"Fearless" – Duration: 3s/5s/7s -> 5s/6s/7s;
"Cut and Run" – Duration: 3s/5s/7s -> 5s/6s/7s;
"Brilliance" – Speed boost: 3%/4%/5% -> 5%/6%/7%;
"Speed Reduced Warning" – Speed reduction: 3%/5%/7% -> 5%/6%/7%;
"Leap" – Jumping ability boost: 3%/5%/7% -> 5%/6%/7%;
"Rage" – Wall crack damage percentage required to activate: 60%/40%/20% -> 40%/30%/20%;
"Bull Rush" – Duration: 3s/6s/10s -> 10s/15s/20s. The speed boost will no longer be removed when you get caught by Spike, become Weakened, etc.;
"Flee" – Speed boost enhanced;
"Blessing" – When you're dispatched, your teammates will gain increased EXP;
"Intimidate" – The effect of Intimidate will no longer be removed when you're caught by Spike, become Weakened, etc.;
"Pursuit" – Apart from its original effect, it also shows Weakened mice on the mini-map at all times.
"Homesick" – When the Perk Card reaches Lv 3, you gain 2 stacks of shield;
"Fairy's Touch" – When active, grants immunity to Debris, Scalded, Smoke, and Perfume's reversing effect.


1. If you reached Cat Overlord/Mouse Overlord in Ranked, then Victory Point changes will be based on both teams' Victory Points. For example, if you have at least 2,000 more Victory Points than your opponent, then you'll lose 4 more Victory Points when you lose; if you have at least 2,000 less Victory Points than your opponent, then you'll gain 4 more Victory Points when you win.
2. In Custom Room, Room Number, room recruitment, extra spectator slots, and bot takeover no longer require Privilege to use.
3. Friend Booking: When your Intimacy with a friend is over 50, you can book to play the next match with them if they're in a game. They will be notified of your booking during the game and can choose to either accept or decline. If you do not wish to receive notifications of a friend booking, you can turn this off in Settings.
4. Skin Improvements: The S-class Tom Skin King of Pop now gives Tom's weapon skill "Mouse Grabber" a unique black glove. It also changes his second weapon skill "Frying Pan" into a microphone, and the omelet into a golden musical note!
5. Changes to Voice Lines: Added: English dubs to some tutorial levels. Made changes to the announcer and quick message voice lines.

[New Events]

1. Daily Challenge (Oct. 15 – Oct. 21)
Play a certain number of matches every day to receive rewards. Total daily rewards available: 150 Perk Points, 200 Gold, 50 Skin Gems, 500 Silver, and 2 Drumsticks.
2. Perk Card Lectures (Oct. 15 – Oct. 25)
The Perk Card Lectures event chest will be available in the Shop. Open the chest for a chance to obtain either complete cards or Tokens of Pitcher, Lucky, Rocket Guardian, or On Patrol. You'll also receive Perk Cards rewards based on the number of times you open the chest.
3. Watch and Share Elite Matches (Oct. 15 – Nov. 1)
The top 16 matches of the Tom and Jerry: Chase SEA Invitational are in full swing. Complete specified quests during the event or participate in spectator interaction for bountiful rewards.
Total rewards available in-game: 1,300 Gold, 1,500 Silver, 550 Perk Points, 1 Star, 50 Skin Gems, and 200 Engagement Points. Participate by commenting or through spectator interactions for more rewards. Come take a look!


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