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Tom and Jerry: Chase Patch Notes October 1st

2020-09-24 10:00:00

Dear Friends,
We will be performing a hot update from 9:30 to 11:00 (UTC+8) on October 1, 2020. Active games will not be interrupted during the update.
[New Content]
1. New Character: Toodles Galore Joins the Fun
After the October 1 version update, you'll be able to purchase the new Character Toodles Galore from the Shop.
2. Toodles Galore S-class Skin "Unequaled Beauty" available from the Mirror!
Event Duration: October 1 - 18
Event Rules: Spend Stars to draw from the Magic Mirror for a chance to get S-class Toodles Galore Skin "Unequaled Beauty".
[New Events]
1. Toodles Galore Arrives (October 1 - 11)
Complete conditions to claim rewards. The best rewards include: 2 Toodles Galore Trial Cards (1 Day), 1,400 coins, 1,000 Perk Points, 100 Engagement, 100 Skin Gems, 2,000 Silver and 1 Star.
2. Mid-Autumn Sign-In Rewards (October 1 - 11)
Log in to claim Mid-Autumn gifts. Including: 6 Mid-Autumn Tokens, 800 Gold, 500 Perk Points and 1 Star.
Note: You can exchange Mid-Autumn Tokens for selected rewards during the Mid-Autumn Exchange Event.
3. Grand Mid-Autumn Challenge (October 1 - 11)
Complete challenges to claim rewards. The best rewards include: 12 Mid-Autumn Tokens, 2000 Gold, 1500 Silver, 700 Perk Points and 2 Stars.
4. Mid-Autumn Total Top-Up (October 1 - 11)
Top up during the event for bonus rewards! The best rewards include: 12 Mid-Autumn Tokens and 36 Stars.
5. Mid-Autumn Exchange (October 1 - 11)
During the event, exchange Mid-Autumn Tokens for rewards including: 100 Coins, 1,000 Silver, 200 Perk Points, 100 Skin Gems, 1 Brave Captain Trial Card (1 Day), 1 Star, 1 Stamp, 1 Mid-Autumn Frame and 1 Skin Choice Pack (B-class).
Note: Mid-Autumn Tokens are obtained in Mid-Autumn Cumulative Top-Up, Grand Mid-Autumn Challenge, and Mid-Autumn Sign-In Rewards.


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